If you are a restaurant in South Florida and you think you make a great burger, then you need to be at The Grind.  But don’t think your participation is a shoe-in.  We have an approval process and we have some basic minimum requirements:

  1. If your restaurant is not in South Florida, don’t apply.
  2. If you use frozen meat, don’t apply.
  3. If you have arches, crowns, or ponytails in your logo, don’t apply.
  4. Submitting your application does not constitute acceptance into The Grind.

In addition to the simple requirements above, we chose restaurants based on their burger quality. We visit the restaurants (anonymously) and make sure that The Grind truly represents the best South Florida has to offer.  We only have 30 slots for restaurants and these will be chosen by our panel. 

Restaurant F.A.Q.'s
Q: What is the cost for a restaurant to participate in The Grind?
A: $0.

Q: Really? $0?
A: Yes. We are serious about gathering the best burgers in town. And if we charged restaurants to compete, it might deter some from competing.

Q: Do we need to bring our own equipment?
A: No. We provide your cooking surface (grill, flat top, etc.). Of course each restaurant needs to provide their own mixing bowls, utensils, etc.

Q: What about serving dishes?
A: We provide those as well.

Q: This is awesome! Where do I sign up?
A: See below.

Submitting your application does not constitute acceptance into The Grind.


The Grind Form (Downloadable PDF)


Basic Information

300 8oz or 10oz burgers cut into 1/4   1200 2oz - 3oz sliders
1200 portions

Burger Information


Other Details

Gas Grill Flat Top Grill Fryer  
Yes No

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